Missouri Decision Should Serve As Model for Other StatesMay 31, 2016 

We have previously applauded the recent Missouri decision that rightly denied the proposed Aetna-Humana merger. This decision should be a model for other states, not just based on the outcome, but also based on how well the decision was written. Justice Louis Brandeis…Missouri Denies Merger of Aetna and Humana in Excellent First Step For ConsumersMay 26, 2016Missouri is the “Show Me state” and when it comes to Aetna Humana merger the parties simply can’t show that consumers won’t lose from the Aetna Humana merger.  Yesterday, the Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration release…Missouri Should Block the Aetna Humana MergerMay 24, 2016Last week, the Missouri Department of Insurance held a hearing on the proposed merger of Aetna and Humana. The hearing was not widely noticed, but it could not be more timely or important – the proposed merger threatens to raise premiums of over 300,000 older Missouria…Too Big to Fix: Divestitures and the Aetna-Humana MergerMay 24, 2016The Department of Justice has traditionally conditioned its approval of large mergers based on divestitures. However, recent studies are demonstrating that divestitures are not always successful remedies, particularly concerning mergers in the health insurance arena. L…Rising Premiums Will Not Be Reduced By Health Insurance MergersMay 17, 2016Since 2000, workers’ contributions to premiums have greatly outpaced wage growth, leading to consumers struggling to pay their premiums and in many cases put off receiving healthcare due to increased costs. One of the arguments that Anthem, Cigna, Aetna, and Humana hav…The Best Bad Advice Money Can BuyMay 12, 2016The health insurance companies Anthem, Cigna, Aetna, and Humana have collectively spent over $400 million on huge numbers of lawyers, investment bankers, and other advisors in order to get two health insurance mergers approved. It’s no wonder these companies are invest…Cigna Says Acquisition By Anthem May Not Occur Until 2017May 11, 2016In a regulatory filing before the Securities and Exchange Commission, Cigna stated that its acquisition by Anthem may not be approved this year, and that it might be pushed back to 2017. Cigna’s Chief Financial Officer Tom McCarthy told an investors’ conference that th…Antitrust Regulators Scrutinize Health Insurers After Blocking Halliburton-Baker Hughes DealMay 5, 2016The Department of Justice is turning its attention to the health insurance mergers of Anthem and Cigna and Aetna and Humana after its legal challenge caused Halliburton Co. and Baker Hughes Inc. to end a proposed $28 billion acquisition. DOJ’s increasing willingness to…Anthem Blue Cross Fined By California For Failing To Address Consumer GrievancesMay 5, 2016The California Department of Managed Health Care recently fined Anthem Blue Cross $415,000 for failing to quickly or completely answer consumer complaints. In a statement, the Department said it had uncovered 40 cases involving 83 violations, such as Anthem’s failing t…Panel Examines How Health Insurance Consolidation Will Affect Hospitals and PatientsMay 4, 2016   A panel of experts at the American Hospital Association’s Annual Meeting examined the likely impact of the proposed health insurance mergers of Anthem-Cigna and Aetna-Humana. They concluded that the mergers will harm consumers, doctors, and hospitals, and recommende…Congress Bans Gag-Clauses on PharmacistsSeptember 27, 2018The Promise of BiosimilarsDecember 11, 2017United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)October 5, 2018Consumer Groups and Unions Submit Letter in Support of PBM Bill Lowering Drug PricesDecember 17, 2019House of Representatives Passes Bill Allowing Medicare to Negotiate For Lower Drug PricesDecember 13, 2019Panel Examines Patent Abuse and How It Contributes to Rising Drug PricesDecember 10, 2019Massachusetts Senate Passes Bill to Regulate PBMsDecember 4, 2019FTC Approves Bristol-Myers Squibb and Celgene Merger, Two FTC Commissioners Issue Strong DissentsNovember 18, 2019December 2019 (4)November 2019 (7)October 2019 (6)September 2019 (8)August 2019 (5)July 2019 (10)June 2019 (8)May 2019 (10)April 2019 (10)March 2019 (6)February 2019 (12)January 2019 (11)December 2018 (5)November 2018 (6)October 2018 (8)September 2018 (4)July 2018 (1)January 2018 (1)December 2017 (4)November 2017 (6)October 2017 (8)September 2017 (13)August 2017 (10)July 2017 (8)June 2017 (14)May 2017 (11)April 2017 (4)March 2017 (10)February 2017 (4)January 2017 (3)December 2016 (17)November 2016 (10)October 2016 (4)September 2016 (2)August 2016 (8)July 2016 (12)June 2016 (11)May 2016 (10)April 2016 (6)March 2016 (9)February 2016 (4)January 2016 (5)December 2015 (3)