January 23, 2017|The CPPC A federal judge has blocked the proposed $37 billion merger between mega health insurers Aetna and Humana. U.S. District Judge John D. Bates ruled that the merger would substantially reduce competition for Medicare Advantage plans in 364 counties. Judge Bates sided with the DOJ on its definition of the Medicare Advantage market, ruling that it does not include traditional Medicare plans. A more complete summary of the 156-page decision will be sent from The CPPC later today.  David Balto of the Coalition to Protect Patient Choice “This is an awesome victory for consumers.  Consumers throughout the country spoke with a clear voice that the merger was anticompetitive.  The DOJ and the court heard answered that call.  The evidence was crystal clear that when health insurers merge consumers lose by paying higher premiums and receiving poorer  health care.  The evidence was compelling that the merger would harm millions of vulnerable medicare beneficiaries and that the attempts to present Molina as a potential buyer to solve the problem were no more than a Potemkin village. Even the most expensive economists money could buy couldn’t save this deal.” If you have any questions or would like to talk further, please contact David Balto at 202-577-5424 or Becky Davidson at 503-442-9078Congress Bans Gag-Clauses on PharmacistsSeptember 27, 2018The Promise of BiosimilarsDecember 11, 2017United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)October 5, 2018Consumer Groups and Unions Submit Letter in Support of PBM Bill Lowering Drug PricesDecember 17, 2019House of Representatives Passes Bill Allowing Medicare to Negotiate For Lower Drug PricesDecember 13, 2019Panel Examines Patent Abuse and How It Contributes to Rising Drug PricesDecember 10, 2019Massachusetts Senate Passes Bill to Regulate PBMsDecember 4, 2019FTC Approves Bristol-Myers Squibb and Celgene Merger, Two FTC Commissioners Issue Strong DissentsNovember 18, 2019Legal Challenges to State PBM LawsNovember 17, 2019American College of Physicians Calls for Transparency From Pharmacy Benefit ManagersNovember 14, 2019New Report Finds That Employers Are Increasingly Making Employees Pay Higher Prices for DrugsNovember 14, 2019At Axios Forum, Secretaries and Legislators Push for Measures to Lower Drug PricesNovember 13, 2019Department of Health and Human Services Sues Gilead for Patent Infringement and Ripping Off TaxpayersNovember 9, 2019December 2019 (4)November 2019 (7)October 2019 (6)September 2019 (8)August 2019 (5)July 2019 (10)June 2019 (8)May 2019 (10)April 2019 (10)March 2019 (6)February 2019 (12)January 2019 (11)December 2018 (5)November 2018 (6)October 2018 (8)September 2018 (4)July 2018 (1)January 2018 (1)December 2017 (4)November 2017 (6)October 2017 (8)September 2017 (13)August 2017 (10)July 2017 (8)June 2017 (14)May 2017 (11)April 2017 (4)March 2017 (10)February 2017 (4)January 2017 (3)December 2016 (17)November 2016 (10)October 2016 (4)September 2016 (2)August 2016 (8)July 2016 (12)June 2016 (11)May 2016 (10)April 2016 (6)March 2016 (9)February 2016 (4)January 2016 (5)December 2015 (3)October 2015 (4)ConsumersDOJInsurance CommissionersLuxotticaattorney generalhealth insurancehealth insurance competitionhealth insurance mergershow do I file a complaint?how do insurance mergers workmerger processmerger reviewmergerssize of Aetna Humana mergersize of Anthem and Cigna mergerstate impacttimeline for mergers